Download AppLock 2021 for Android AppLock for free

Download AppLock 2021 for Android AppLock for free

App Lock is an application directed at Android phones in particular that works to lock applications installed on the phone so that you can close programs such as Facebook and WhatsApp with a password. These applications cannot be accessed except by typing the password or pattern. You can also set your fingerprint if your phone supports this feature, you can Maintaining your privacy away from intruders on the privacy of others, with this application you will not worry if you give your phone to a user for the purpose of using the game to play.

AppLock cannot be removed until after typing your password, and this prevents the possibility of uninstalling it on your own order, in case you forget the code, you can reset it by entering your email to receive a message on it and restore control of the application, through the application settings you can set a period of time in which the data is locked so that You do not have to write the password after closing the programs in a short time, another advantage is that it does not take a lot of the resources and energy of the device.

App Lock application features App Lock

Close all social media programs, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat
Provide advanced protection to avoid uninstalling the application
Set a specific time at which applications will be closed after exiting
In case you forgot the secret code, you can recover it from the e-mail
Protect your private photos and videos from being viewed by hackers
It consumes a reasonable amount of resources and energy
An elegant graphical interface ensures seamless switching between functions
It comes with support for more than 40 international languages, including Arabic and English

Information about App Lock application lock

Program version: 3.3.0
Program size: 13.6 MB
Publisher: DoMobile Lab.
Program compatibility: Android 4.0 and later
License: Free

Download App Lock App Lock application

Download AppLock

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