Download caller name detection app for Android 2021 Truecaller

Download caller name detection app for Android 2021 Truecaller

Many users want to know the IDs of the numbers that call them from time to time, so we offer you one of the leading applications in the field that specializes in displaying the names of callers directly even if you are not registered with you in your phone’s contacts. It is the Truecaller application that is easy to use as it is not It needs you to set a lot of settings. Just enough to install it and it will perform its operations to the fullest and help you to know the names of the callers on your phone number.

The same applies to the messages received on your phone, where you will get to know who sent them to you as easily as possible, and in the event that you want to respond or not, you will be given the choice with knowing the owners of the annoying messages that reach you, and Truecaller provides some additional benefits, including text chat with friends And family members directly through the application, and it also allows you to make a backup copy of your contacts and your list of numbers and save them directly to the cloud service Google Drive.

Features of Caller Name Detection Application Features Truecaller

Detect all phone numbers of callers
A large database of millions of numbers
You can block nuisance calls
Back up your contacts and caller list
The ability to text chat with friends and family members
Elegant and ergonomic design that is easy to handle

Information about the Truecaller caller name detection app

Program version: 11.37.6
Program size: 59.2 MB
Publisher: True Software Scandinavia AB.
Program compatibility: Android 5.1 and later
License: Free

Download the Truecaller caller name app

Download Truecaller

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