Download the KineMaster 2021 program for Android for free

Download the KineMaster 2021 program for Android for free

One of the most prominent features of Ken Master is that it contains a high-tech sound modulation system through which you can control the various sound effects according to your own desire, as you can combine an audio clip with a group of images in the form of a short film and supports a wide range of audio formats, KineMaster offers the ideal solution for owners YouTube and montage channels so that you can output a professional video using this application from your Android phone, it also allows you to import and install the video clips on the phone to get artworks using the blending feature.

Ken Master is one of the applications that has gained wide fame in the world due to the quality of the services it provides in the video montage and it is so versatile that you can use it to change the black, white or green backgrounds and merge them with your videos in more professional ways while controlling the degree of brightness and contrast, as well as You can cut video clips in a beautiful way through the cutting tool included in the application, through KineMaster you can adjust the speed of the video, slow it down or speed it up and get great results in slow effects.

Ken Master program features

Make professional adjustments to the video while controlling its quality
Support various video and audio formats to be added on the program panel
Control over the added audio clips with the ability to record sounds while working
Layers feature that allows you to merge clips in more professional ways
The application allows you to cut unwanted parts of the video in great ways
Supports writing on sections with beautiful lines with control over font color and clarity
It allows you to speed up or slow down the video to enjoy slow motion
It comes with chroma green screen embedding feature including live preview
An elegant graphical interface that is easy for hobbyists and professionals alike
It provides a lot of different effects that you can easily add to clips

Information about the Ken Master program

Program version:
Program size: 83.6 MB
Publisher: KineMaster Corporation
Program compatibility: Android 4.1 and later
License: Free

Download the Ken Master program

 Download KineMaster

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