Download the latest version of 2021 Call Blocker for Android

Download the latest version of 2021 Call Blocker for Android

Call Blocker is a useful application that has a great effectiveness in curbing and stopping annoying calls coming to your phone, where you can add a group of numbers and prevent them from contacting you, so that you may avoid disturbing them and enjoy comfort while using the phone, as some intend to disturb you during sleep hours and thus if you are It does not contain this or similar call blocker. You will have to activate the flight mode and thus you will disconnect your phone on the network, but with this program you can specify the numbers that you want to block and Call Blocker will take care of the rest.

The Call Blocker also displays the records of the numbers that called you, including incoming and outgoing calls at all times, as the timing of the call process is displayed in addition to the time spent on the call. Moreover, the program reminds you of the calls received on your phone through Anonymous numbers not registered in the contact for Android, the bottom line is that this application is greatly useful in avoiding the inconvenience of annoying people who call you at inappropriate times.

Features of the application of call blocking

Blocking calls from annoying individuals
You can also block SMS messages
See all incoming and outgoing calls
A special tool that gives you the ability to identify unknown numbers
The ability to search your contacts in an intelligent way
It runs in the background and consumes minimal resources

Information about the call blocker application

Program version: 1.1.8
Program size: 4.5 MB
Publisher: Grus Group.
Program compatibility: Android 4.1 and later
License: Free

Download the call blocker application

Download Call Blocker

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