Download Voice Call Recorder 2021 for Android

Download Voice Call Recorder 2021 for Android

One of the programs that is very popular is call recording programs that many phone users are looking for from this section. We will address the best application in saving voice conversations, which is the Call Recorder program that automatically records incoming and outgoing calls, as you will not need to adjust each time only It is enough to choose the correct settings the first time and the application will automatically save all your conversations on the Android phone.

Moreover, the application gives you some other features, including the ability to raise the registration on the cloud service, Google Drive and Dropbox, and this allows you to access the recorded calls from any phone or computer connected to the Internet, and the program provides complete protection for registrations where you can create a password for the interface of the program by ensuring that Access to it by anyone with easy password retrieval in case you forget it, and it works with various phones such as Samsung, LG, Sony, and others.

Features of the call recording program

Automatically save incoming and outgoing audio connections
Ease of sharing recordings on social media or via Bluetooth
Record contact information such as the caller’s name and his own number
Beautifully organized recordings with multiple editing options
The possibility of protecting the application with a password that guarantees unilateral access to it
Upload recorded files to the cloud storage service Dropbox and Google Drive
A light application on the system so that you do not notice a difference or slowdown in the performance of your phone.
An easy-to-use graphical interface ensures seamless transition between application functions
Record audio in HD quality
Completely free so you can use its full functionality without paying costs

Information about Call Recorder

Program version: 2.1.5
Program size: 17.2 MB
Publisher: Callapps Studio
Program compatibility: Android 4.1 and later
License: Free

Download the call recording program

Download Call Recorder

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