Download Zip File Editor for Android 2021 RAR Android free

Download Zip File Editor for Android 2021 RAR Android free

RAR is a free application that helps the user to open compressed files that have been downloaded from the Internet and you can perform many operations, including extracting data and transferring it to the phone’s storage space, and the application is also used to compress data as this helps to reduce its size by relying on very sophisticated techniques In the area of ​​compression, the file can also be protected with a strong password to maintain the confidentiality of the data within the archive.

RAR program is widely popular around the world and is used by millions, as it is characterized by high speed in performing the various tasks that you request from it, whether compressing or decompressing, and it provides other operations represented in the possibility of adding a file to the archive or modifying the data in it, such as deleting a specific file or renaming You can also, after the compression process, you can activate a special option that automatically deletes the compressed data after the task is completed, which will provide new storage space directly.

Features of the Zip Open File Application Features RAR Android

Open all kinds of compressed files in the phone
Create an archive file containing multiple data that you choose
The ability to protect the zip file with a strong password
Modification of the data in the archive, such as deletion and renaming
Relying on advanced technologies in compressing files at high speed
Reducing the size of various types of data such as pictures and videos after compressing them
The feature of dividing the file into multiple small parts with specifying the size for each part

About the RAR Android zip open app

Software version: 5.91.95
Program size: 5.3 MB
Publisher: RARLAB.
Program compatibility: Android 4.1 and later
License: Free

Download Download RAR Android Zip Open File

Download RAR Android

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