Download screen capture program for Android 2021 XRecorder

Download screen capture program for Android 2021 XRecorder

In the midst of our search for popular applications in the Android world, we came across one of the applications that are widely popular and used by millions around the world, and we want to share it with you in this post and we will review the most important features that have it, which made it the most successful application in the field of imaging the Android screen. It is the wonderful XRecorder program that It guarantees you to get high clarity and clarity in the sound and the image as you can choose the quality that you think is suitable for you and start recording videos through the Android surface.

The application provides recording tools at your fingertips and in the far north of the screen, and you can transfer them within a desired range, and you can resume and stop shooting at any time you want or cancel the final through these custom icons, and the recorder contains the ability to set the timing in order to start the filming process so that you will be able to determine the time The recording process then begins automatically, and the application allows you to export the videos in multiple high quality, the most important of which is 1080p and 720p quality.

Features of XRecorder’s screen capture program

Capture everything that goes on on the Android screen with ease
Save clips in the highest possible quality, up to 1080P
Extremely useful for recording combat games like PUBG
The ability to shoot the screen is integrated with the video for the selfie camera
It allows you to crop unwanted portions of the clip
Add an audio clip as background music from the phone memory
The clip sharing feature on social networking sites

Information about XRecorder screen capture software

Program version:
Program size: 18.1 MB
Publisher: InShot Inc
Program compatibility: Android 5.0 and later
License: Free

Download XRecorder screen capture program

Download XRecorder

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